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I'm Moses Parlindungan Ompusunggu, the CEO of Atmakanta Studio of Innovative Documentary. I'm an Indonesian documentary film director-producer, multimedia journalist and disinformation investigator with seven years of experience in the media production industry. I hold a degree in Law from Gadjah Mada University and an MA in Ethnographic and Documentary Film from University College London, via a Chevening Scholarship from the UK government. I enjoy wandering around new places, meeting new people and listening to their stories, reading, and swimming.

Nice to know you and let's collaborate!

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Our Journey

Atmakanta (derived from the Sanskrit words atma, meaning "soul", and kanta, meaning "lens") Studio of Innovative Documentary was born from my desire to ignite social consciousness through nonfiction audiovisual content.

For me, storytelling through audiovisual media holds immense potential for inviting viewers into the situations and issues being presented. Audiovisual content has a unique spirit, distinct from other forms of content such as text or photos. I firmly believe that there are many stories, experiences, and ideas that can inspire the public to take action beyond merely empathizing – to actively participate in creating change.

In every project undertaking, Atmakanta Studio of Innovative Documentary is an ambitious production team. We are constantly producing work aimed at provoking our audience through sensory experiences unique to our productions. Each image we capture, each sound we incorporate into our content, every word in the script that enriches the content, and all other aspects, are the fruit of the highly creative efforts of our team, comprised of skilled artists and storytellers.

Atmakanta Studio of Innovative Documentary has collaborated with clients such as Project Multatuli (an emerging independent Indonesian media outlet focused on marginalized issues and communities), Market Forces (an Australian NGO campaigning for ending of fossil fuel business financing), Perunggu (an up-and-coming Indonesian pop rock band), Felix K. Nesi (a prominent Indonesian writer), and the Ranu Welum Foundation (a group of Dayak indigenous community activists campaigning through film).


We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+62 821-2390-4962

PT. Lensa Jiwa Atmakanta

Registered with the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights

Sentra Timur Residence, Pulo Gebang, East Jakarta, 13950

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